For more than 10 years, BLUESHIP POOLS has set the standards for quality design and consulting services within the aquatic industry. Our goal is to provide these services with dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction, delivered in a professional manner by talented individuals who love what they do.


Blueship Pools undertake everything from the design and build of the simplest luxury pool to highly complex projects including infinity edge, linear deck slot, standard deck level overflow, and letterbox surface flow system

If you are installing a pool in your backyard, there are many types to choose from, a popular choice is a gunite swimming pool because it is highly durable and it can be created in just about any shape. Gunite pools use a rebar (reinforcing bar) framework that is sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture.

The method of preferable over a traditional poured concrete pool that requires a wooden framework to hold the shape of the basin. Gunite is exceedingly durable, so swimming pools made of this substance are built to last. the versatility of gunite swimming pools means more than the ability to create an unlimited array of shapes.

You can also opt for a variety of features to be attached to the gunite pool including waterfalls and custom steps. The flexibility of the material means you can customize a swimming pool to your specific taste and budget. Gunite pools are one of the top choices for homeowners today, due to their beauty, Versatility, and durability.

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